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Black Teas

Black Teas

King Cha Premium Black teas. 

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Beat the scorching heat with- The King Cha Chaas Masala.

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The King Cha Story

In a quiet corner of one of the bustling streets of Jodhpur resides a dream. A dream of a woman who has abounding love and reverence for a particular tradition. A tradition of sharing the most unique blends of tea. As a Tea Connoisseur, Mrs. Bhandari converted this tradition into a vision. Having held an illustrious industrial experience and a mastery in chemical sciences combined with an expertise in culinary arts gave a precedence to her vision. The vision of developing creative ways in which one can devour the rich taste of Chai and soak in the soulful essence that leaves an everlasting distinct mark on one’s senses. 

This exploration fuelled our passion for serving millions of tea lovers with an experience that is not just flavourful but also deeply gratifying and heartfelt. Through KingCha, we aim to deliver the best possible blends from our roots, the land of spices, and nurture subtle exuberance and happiness in the hearts of our customers. We handcraft our teas in small batches with the goodness of herbs, spices and flowers along with the alchemy of ingredients put so forth to give an enriching experience.