The KingCha Story: The Dawn of Tea FraterniTea

The KingCha Story: The Dawn of Tea FraterniTea

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.”

Tea, or as we call it Chai in our homes, is a name that refreshes the mind with its mere mention. No matter what hour of the day, whether the sun is burning bright or the clouds pouring in, we cant help but indulge ourselves with our favourite cup of tea to unwind and relax. A cup of tea is always special when you are with a beloved, your family, or just lost in your thoughts. It’s the perfect accompaniment. Isnt this how tea has survived for thousands of centuries, cherished by different cultures around the world for different purposes?

KingCha, came into being, on one of those hot days of summer while sipping in on the delicious evening tea with my mother. You see, this ritual of coming together and drinking chai is what we crave the most irrespective of the various moods we go through. It’s pure bliss in a cup - it’s not just tea, it is the love we share in our hearts. But something was different that day.

While my mother, as usual, brought the cup of tea to recharge my day. I had the first sip and I knew something had been added to our regular cup. It accentuated the whole aura of my experience. She knew that I understood the difference and she began telling me about her “experiment”.  Her special concoction was prepared using local tea with her own proportions of aromatic spices. At that moment among the various idiosyncrasies, we began to give birth to the idea of our own tea brand. In fact, her special cup of tea instilled a similar reaction from everybody in the household. 

During the next couple of weeks and months, time went by in learning and experimenting with teas. My mother, being a master in chemistry with over years of experience as an entrepreneur caught hold of this idea and made wonderful blends of tea. She would infuse various ingredients with different types of grades of tea and note down the distinctive flavours. Sometimes, the experiments would go terribly wrong and sometimes they would turn out strikingly pleasant. However, she remained adamant about inventing exclusive tea blends that would encourage her to keep working and demonstrate her talent. With the assistance and confidence of my family, the brand King Cha was born- a brand that introduces tea lovers to premium handcrafted tea blends with the perfect balance of tradition, innovation, and a homely warmth seeking to conserve its tea culture. 

Hence, a woman’s keen and unrealized passion for tea converted into a delightful vision as KingCha began reaching various households in Jodhpur. The uniqueness of KingCha lies in its meticulous selection of ingredients for its tea, herbs, and spices. Working directly with Siliguri tea traders, our team ensures to choose the finest tea leaves with the highest quality by testing each sample carefully. By establishing these close relationships, we take optimum sustainable steps along the way to source excellent samples that embody the true essence of the origin. 

Each variety of tea from the pristine mountains of Assam, the birthplace of tea in India, has something special to offer. Our tea specialists recognize this element through various blending processes to create a treasure trove of unique tea blends. Whether you are seeking the delicate notes of refreshing green tea or the sharp robustness of black tea, KingCha caters to suit every palate of tea enthusiasts. 

At the heart of KingCha lies our deep reverence for this culture of tea drinking that should be recognized by every tea lover. Apart from our careful tea making and tea blending process, we believe in continuous improvement and are committed to delivering an experience that shall instil in our customers an affection for this enchanting drink. Do you not take your regular everyday cup of tea for granted? 

Well, you shouldn’t. You must delve deeper into the flavours, you must savour each sip of your tea with time passing on its own accord. That’s when you appreciate the present moment, the moment when you feel serene peace. 

In a world of anxiousness and disquiet, we need to come back to a place of enchantment and tranquillity. Tea is a drink that has a universal appeal and when we come together to bask in its exquisite aroma, we should remember the true purpose of tea drinking- having inner peace and fostering connections with others. Tea offers a sanctuary, a moment of respite where we can find stillness and reconnect with ourselves. 

KingCha envisions building such connections by reaching out to people across borders and joining our “Tea FraterniTea”. Our purpose of coming forth with a tea brand offering various unique blends is not just limited to authenticity. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication of our tea specialist who embarked on this journey to redefine the art of tea-making and preserve our tradition. 

We wish to reach every household, understand their concepts of tea, and make tea blending a personal and customized process to match the tastes of their home. On the path of creating an exclusive community of tea lovers to maintain our tea heritage and culture, we urge you to join us and support us in our endeavors to foster a deeper understanding of our tea tradition. 


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